Captured In Paint

Berto Ortega	- St. Augustine Twilight

Selected paintings from "Captured in Paint: Central Florida in Art" shown at the Polsek Museum and Sculpture Gardens, Winter Park, FL from 9/12/2017 thru 12/3/2017.

Berto Ortega - St. Augustine Twilight

From the 2006 Crescent Beach Paint Out - First Place Award winner. This painting stands out in the collection due to its strong composition, fiery colors and old world subject matter. The image shows Berto’s unique personal interpretation as described in his artist’s statement: "Fine Art is the ability to communicate universal truth in a visual way. For me it is to paint that truth first and the subject second."  Berto died in 2013 at the age of 55. He continues to be missed by the Central Florida arts community both for his amazing talent and wonderful friendship.

Oil on Panel, 19 x 23.